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Episode 152: UPU terminal dues and e-commerce returns


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Episode 152: UPU terminal dues and e-commerce returns

Ian Kerr

Dean Maciuba, Logistics Trends & Logistics

Dean Maciuba, Logistics Trends & Logistics

First up this week, a quick update on the status of the UPU’s terminal dues discussions. Check out episode 146 for a full discussion on this topic from Canada Post’s Pierre Morin. It’s a topic that I’ll revisit in full in a future episode.

Then Dean Maciuba from Logistics Trends & Insights joins me to talk about a new development in e-commerce returns:

  • Chemist chain Walgreens and Nordstrom (a department store, not just a clothing store as I say in the podcast!) to offer pick-ups and returns on behalf of other retailers

  • A retailer-agnostic returns channel for retailers

  • The driver for Walgreens to take returns

  • Implications for the postal sector - in particular those posts offering e-commerce returns solutions

  • FedEx’s deal with Walgreens to be a retail location for FedEx - and its implementation at the coalface

  • The day-to-day practicalities of dealing with parcels in a retail outlet, including secure storage

  • Is this another opportunity missed by the US Postal Service?

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