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Episode 139: 2018 in review (part 1)


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Episode 139: 2018 in review (part 1)

Ian Kerr

Dean Maciuba, Managing Partner North America, Last Mile Experts

Dean Maciuba, Managing Partner North America, Last Mile Experts

Marek Różycki, Managing Partner, Last Mile Experts

Marek Różycki, Managing Partner, Last Mile Experts

Dean Maciuba and Marek Różycki from Last Mile Experts join me to review some of the major trends in 2018. We cover:

  • Grocery delivery in the USA, in particular Walmart (2:25)

  • Supermarkets integrating with technology and delivery companies (3:45)

  • Walmart’s locker technology in its supermarkets (4:35)

  • Amazon making waves in grocery delivery (5:00)

  • Grocery delivery in the UK (7:00)

  • At-home or out-of-home delivery? What about the risks of food spoilage? (7:25)

  • Problems with individual at-home parcel lockers (11:00)

  • Threats to cross-border e-commerce (12:00)

  • Impact of Brexit on cross-border e-commerce (15:15)

  • Growth in importance of international shipping (16:30)

  • Chinese merchants and shippers not offering a good customer experience (17:15)

  • Amazon offering free delivery (18:05)

  • How eBay could change the last mile at scale (20:15)

  • Environment and sustainability (21:30)

  • How local culture affects adoption of green delivery options (21:35)

  • Traffic congestion and reducing the number of delivery vehicles on the road (24:00)

  • A huge rant from me about city logistics, congestion, and a lack of town planning (26:40)

  • How first-time delivery helps reduce emissions (29:45)

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