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Top 10 Postal Hub episodes of 2018


Top 10 Postal Hub episodes of 2018

Ian Kerr

Here are the ten most popular episodes of the Postal Hub Podcast from 2018:

Episode 121: Privatisation of the US Postal Service

Mark Fallon from the Berkshire Company analyses the Trump Administration’s announcement that privatisation is on the cards for the US Postal Service.

Episode 100: Achim Dünnwald

International delivery, postal and logistics expert Achim Dünnwald discusses cross-border e-commerce, DHL Parcel's pan-European network, expanding delivery options, electric vehicles, and much more. (Skip to 3:10 for the interview.)

Episode 104: E-commerce and delivery, with Chloë Thomas

E-commerce expert and advisor Chloë Thomas from the eCommerce Masterplan gives an e-commerce perspective on delivery. Myths get shattered and bubbles get burst!

Episode 103: Mike Richmond of Doddle on the art of click-and-collect

Doddle Chief Commercial Officer Mike Richmond gives a new perspective on e-commerce parcel delivery, in particular delivery to pick-up drop-off points (PUDOs). Customer-centric parcel delivery, returns, dynamic pricing, personalised shopping (online and in-store), and much more.

Episode 118: Amazon in the last mile, heavy transport and the environment, and Alibaba/Bolloré

Marek Różycki (Last Mile Experts) talks about Amazon's latest push into the last mile. Duncan Buchanan (Road Haulage Association) discusses the environmental challenges facing the trucking sector. Cathy Morrow Roberson (Logistics Trends and Insights) analyses the recently announced partnership between Alibaba and French logistics group Bolloré.

Episode 108: FedEx, Walmart, and e-commerce

Dean Maciuba, Managing Partner North America for Last Mile Experts, discusses FedEx’s deal with Walmart, e-commerce returns, PUDO networks, the post office, and more.

Episode 116: Delivery and strategy with PostNL

Tiemen van Bruggen, Transformation Director at PostNL, discusses differences in residential delivery across various European countries, setting up a delivery network from scratch, and agile development.

Episode 130: understanding Amazon means winning the last mile

Amazon in the last mile seems to be the topic on everyone’s minds! Marek Różycki, Managing Partner at Last Mile Experts, joins me to cover some of the key discussion points from our workshop “Understanding Amazon means winning the last mile”.

Episode 135: could the Chinese e-commerce delivery model work in the west?

Juan Sotolongo, Senior Partner at 722 Consulting, shares his perspectives.

Episode 119: advanced e-commerce delivery

Antonio Perini, CEO and founder of Milkman, joins me to talk about advanced e-commerce delivery options, including consolidation of deliveries and time-slot deliveries.

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