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Social media and communications workshop

Social media is now one of the main means of communication being used by businesses and organisations to engage with their customer base, to market their services and position themselves. Get it right and it can be a great tool for business development and building a strong reputation and online presence. Get it wrong and it can be hugely damaging to credibility and lead to wide-scale customer desertion.

The social media workshop was held at Parcel+Post Expo. During the session, senior communications representatives from posts and industry bodies shared their knowledge and experience of working with social media. And thanks to Escher, one lucky participant won an iPad!

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Meet your workshop co-ordinators

Derek Osborn, WhatNext4U

Derek Osborn, WhatNext4U

Derek Osborn

Derek is a respected voice in the postal community, bringing fresh thinking, ideas and inspiration to postal strategy, human resource development, market development, transformation and change management.

Ian Kerr, founder and host of the Postal Hub Podcast

Ian Kerr, founder and host of the Postal Hub Podcast

Ian Kerr

Ian Kerr is the founder and host of the Postal Hub Podcast.

Ian has a deep knowledge of the Australian postal network, both in retail and delivery, through his many years working for the Post Office Agents Association Limited. POAAL is the national association for small business owners in the Australian postal sector, including the owner/operators of Licensed Post Offices and Mail Contractors who hold contracts to deliver letters and parcels.