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Episode 161: Trends and strategies in Chinese e-commerce delivery


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Episode 161: Trends and strategies in Chinese e-commerce delivery

Ian Kerr

Juan Sotolongo, Senior Partner, 722 Consulting

Juan Sotolongo, Senior Partner, 722 Consulting

Juan Sotolongo from 722 Consulting joins me to analyse trends and strategies in Chinese e-commerce delivery:

  • Why Amazon is pulling out of China

  • Cultural and business considerations in selling in China

  • exiting the Australian market

  • Comparing Alibaba and JD’s delivery networks

  • slashing delivery costs and the impact on share price

  • How Alibaba is managing delivery costs

  • Alibaba’s stakes in courier companies

  • Out-of-home delivery, including parcel lockers

  • Volumes and third-party operated parcel lockers

  • Profitability and efficiency with parcel lockers

  • Luxury delivery service

  • Customer service for e-commerce consumers

  • Could some of these initiatives work in the West?

  • Customer experience and the last mile

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Here’s a video of’s white glove luxury delivery service:

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Photo by Paul Evans.