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Episode 146: Is USA vs UPU reaching endgame?


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Episode 146: Is USA vs UPU reaching endgame?

Ian Kerr

Pierre Morin, International Relations, Canada Post

Pierre Morin, International Relations, Canada Post

Pierre Morin, International Relations at Canada Post, gives us an insider’s perspective on how the USA vs UPU battle has been progressing. We cover:

  • The impact on inbound international parcels on Canada Post’s bottom line

  • Shortcomings in the current international pricing arrangements

  • Comparing domestic parcel rates to inbound international parcels

  • Response to the USA’s announcement it intends to leave the UPU

  • The Universal Postal Coalition group of countries

  • Mail exporters, extra-territorial offices of exchange, and the single postal territory

  • The countries and postal operators benefiting from the current system

  • The remaining options being discussed at the UPU, and whether or not they will address the USA’s concerns and keep the USA in the UPU

  • How self-declared rates work and the implications for the sector

  • What’s next for the UPU to resolve the issue

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