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Episode 21 - Grocery delivery, Amazon Fresh, and delivery to the fridge


We'll post links here to all episodes of the Postal Hub Podcast.

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Episode 21 - Grocery delivery, Amazon Fresh, and delivery to the fridge

Ian Kerr

Grocery delivery to the door is nice, but how about delivery straight to your fridge?

In this episode, Cathy Morrow Roberson from Logistics Trends and Insights joins me to talk about online grocery shopping and delivering those groceries to customers. We cover:

  • Amazon Fresh's expansion into Australia
  • Webvan - the groundbreaking and defunct online grocery delivery service
  • PostNord's trial of delivering groceries directly into customers' fridges
  • How are consignments kept fresh while in transit?

Listen to the podcast via the link above. You can also listen (and subscribe) to the podcast via iTunes.

Want to hear more about the grocery home delivery market? In Episode 7 Paul Needham from CEP-Research joined me to review the market's major players and new entrants, as well as the practical considerations of entering the market.

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