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Episode 15 - modernising the money order


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Episode 15 - modernising the money order

Ian Kerr

Money orders are dying, right? Maybe not. Research in the USA shows the money order has a future online and can play its part in e-commerce.

The USPS Office of Inspector General recently released its report called "Modernising the Postal Money Order".

Bryant Switzky, who co-authored the report, joins me to discuss the USPSOIG's key recommendations, including:

  • Current trends in money orders - numbers sold, the value of money orders, and revenue from money orders
  • The history of the money order
  • US post offices that have seen growth in money order sales
  • Some strategies to grow money order sales
  • The benefits to the post from selling money orders
  • Selling money orders through digital channels
  • Central printing of money orders
  • Money orders and e-commerce
  • International money transfers

Download the report from the USPSOIG website.

Cathy Morrow Roberson from Logistics Trends and Insights joins me for the second part of the podcast to discuss the new Amazon Fulfilment Centres. We cover:

  • Where the new Amazon Fulfilment Centres are being located
  • Amazon's aircraft purchase
  • The growth of Amazon Prime
  • What these new locations might mean for delivery of Amazon shipments

Listen via the link above. You can also listen (and subscribe) to the podcast via iTunes.

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