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Episode 11 - Uber ready to disrupt delivery with UberRUSH


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Episode 11 - Uber ready to disrupt delivery with UberRUSH

Ian Kerr

Industry disruptor Uber is swiftly expanding beyond the traditional taxi cab business and taking on the delivery industry.

Will Uber disrupt the delivery market the same way it has the worldwide taxi industry? 

Joining me to discuss this is David Jinks, Head of PR & Consumer Research at Parcel Hero. We cover:

  • The global same-day and on-demand market is worth much more than the global taxi market.
  • Cross-subsidisation between taxi services and delivery services.
  • The role of the Uber app in disrupting delivery.
  • What sectors are the most vulnerable to disruption from UberRUSH.

Listen now via the link below. You can also listen and subscribe to the podcast through iTunes.

This episode is sponsored by E-BISS International.

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