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Episode 10 - terminal dues and cross-border e-commerce


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Episode 10 - terminal dues and cross-border e-commerce

Ian Kerr

My guest in this episode is Walter Trezek of Communications Logistics Specialists.

Walter was Chief Technology Officer at Austria Post in the early 2000s, and these days is a member of the UPU Consultative Committee and is vice-chair of e-commerce Europe’s e-logistics working group.

Walter is honest and forthright as he discusses the following:

  • Terminal dues – including the imbalance in shipping rates that favours merchants based in some countries
  • Defining new classifications of products and services for letters and parcels being delivered cross-border
  • The growth in cross-border e-commerce between western countries and south-east Asia
  • Barcoding and labelling for cross-border logistics
  • How delivery is a key component of digital service infrastructure
  • Recycling and packaging in e-commerce logistics

It's a discussion that will interest anyone in the postal and parcels sector.

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