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Episode 9 - the Australian letters market, and the importance of the address


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Episode 9 - the Australian letters market, and the importance of the address

Ian Kerr

Recent changes to the letters service in Australia, and the global addressing sector, are the two topics in this episode of the Postal Hub.

In the first part, I give an overview of the current state of the letters service in Australia.

  • The background to the recent domestic stamp price rise
  • The change from a single-speed letters service to a two-speed letters service
  • Dealing with the Australian regulator
  • Future options to respond to declining letter volumes

A disclosure: I also work for the Post Office Agents Association (POAAL), the national association for the owner/operators of Licensed Post Offices. POAAL made a submission in support of Australia Post's application to increase the basic postage rate. 

In the second part of the podcast, Charles Prescott from the Global Address Data Association joins me to discuss addressing matters.

  • Who is responsible for managing addresses?
  • Addressing for informal settlements
  • Recent addressing competition
  • Monetising address data files - or should address data be given away?
  • Cross-border addressing

You can listen now via the link above. You can also listen and subscribe to the podcast through iTunes.

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