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Episode 3 - the Internet of Things


We'll post links here to all episodes of the Postal Hub Podcast.

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Episode 3 - the Internet of Things

Ian Kerr

Is the "Internet of Things" just a buzzword or does it have real-world applications?

In Episode 3 of the Postal Hub podcast I talk with three people with different perspectives on how the Internet of Things can apply for the postal and parcel delivery world.

Richard Wishart from the Delivery Management consultancy joins me to discuss barcodes, RFID tags, and much more.

I talk with Jeremy Cocks from Boxillion about mailboxes as nodes in an interconnected, living delivery network.

La Poste has launched a new service, using the principle of the internet of things, to help French exporters. Alain Roset from La Poste gives an overview of the service and its potential applications.

You can listen now via the link above. You can also listen and subscribe to the podcast through iTunes.

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