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Episode 2 - Direct mail, and click-and-collect for e-commerce


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Episode 2 - Direct mail, and click-and-collect for e-commerce

Ian Kerr

In Episode 2 of The Postal Hub I talk with Kimberlee Wells, Managing Director at advertising agency Whybin\TBWA, about the future of direct mail. How does mail stack up as a communication channel? What advantages does the letter have in an increasingly digital world? Some great insights from an advertising and marketing perspective.

Andrew Starkey, Managing Director at consultancy Spiral 4 and retained by IMRG as Head of Logistics, joins me to talk about click-and-collect. We covered topics such as locations and types of click-and-collect outlets, trip chaining, and failed first time delivery rates. How far will a customer travel to collect a parcel? Can a delivery channel be a marketing channel? 

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