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We'll post links here to all episodes of the Postal Hub Podcast.

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Episode 70 - UPS introduces peak season surcharge

Ian Kerr

UPS recently announced it will impose a peak shipping charge during selected weeks in November and December 2017. What will this mean for the delivery sector?  Joining me to analyse the new UPS peak shipping charge is e-commerce and shipping expert Jon Northorpe from the Thought Group.

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Episode 63 - reforming the US Postal Service

Ian Kerr

The US Postal Service needs to undergo radical disruption and change if it is to move forward, according to Dean Maciuba from 4Front Consulting. Dean outlines strategies for the USPS to profitably manage lower revenue from First Class Mail and the huge growth in the lower-margin parcel business.

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Episode 60 - US postal regulation, monopoly, and privatisation

Ian Kerr

The letters monopoly, the mailbox monopoly, privatisation of the US Postal Service, and the social role of mail all feature this week. Dr Ramesh Ratan, CEO and President of Bell and Howell, and David Williams, former USPS Inspector General and now Distinguished Professor at George Mason University, discuss the past, present and future of postal services in the USA.

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