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Walgreens, drones, and a kid on a pushbike


Walgreens, drones, and a kid on a pushbike

Ian Kerr

I can’t help but feel I’ve been goaded into writing about this.

Walgreens has announced it will test drones for home delivery of - and I quote: “health and wellness, food and beverage and convenience items.”

Now let’s just stop right there. Walgreens, what do you think you’re doing? Seriously, have a look at the drone in the photo above. Do you want that beast landing in your front yard? Is there no alternative that doesn’t sound like a swarm of demented flying lawnmowers?

Seriously Walgreens, go hire a kid with a pushbike. He’ll cost less (look at that drone - how much would one of those units cost?), cause less harm to the environment, spend his earnings on whatever teenagers spend their money on these days, and learn about the value of work.

And he probably won’t fall out of the sky.

Stop wasting our time with (deep breath everyone) stupid drones.

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