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On-board exercise for truck drivers


On-board exercise for truck drivers

Ian Kerr

Truck driver health is vital for any transport fleet. Increasingly advanced telematics and sensors can monitor the wellbeing of drivers. But what about encouraging some activity?

Now truck drivers can convert their cab into a gym.

German freight forwarder Fehrenkötter has teamed up with Daimler to set up in-truck mini-gyms for drivers to use during their breaks.

The gym set, called "TopFit", consists of a plywood board with two metal eyelets attached. The exercise straps are attached to these with snap hooks. The board also acts as a standing surface. 

Exercise can improve drivers' general wellbeing and help prevent injury. With the in-cab gum set, truck drivers can exercise in privacy and without having to go to a gym after a hard day behind the wheel.

There's an app as well, of course! Not to mention a DVD with a series of suggested exercises for truck drivers.

An interesting concept! And it's good to see a trucking company doing something to look after its drivers.

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