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The UK's most festive postcodes


The UK's most festive postcodes

Ian Kerr

Royal Mail has revealed the UK's most Christmas-y postcodes - and London's East End has come out on top.

Bow (E6) has been named the most festive district, based on the number of street names and house names that have some connection with Christmas.

Royal Mail analysed its Postcode Address File (PAF) of over 29.5 million home and business addresses. It cross-referenced Christmas themed street and house names to reveal the most festive areas.

According to Royal Mail's research, there are 3,369 street names that somehow reference Christmas. The most common is Holly Street - there are 990 of them across the UK.

Holly and Ivy were popular for houses, appearing on over 16,200 houses. Personally, I have never understood the need to name a house. Would you call a house "Ralph"? Or "Jennifer"? "Siegfried", perhaps?

Anyway, if we all used the what3words address system then every house would have a name! (fence.gross.bats for example...)

Returning to Royal Mail's yuletide research, the suburb of Highgate N6 (North London) has the highest concentration of houses named Holly (224), while Golders Green has the most Ivys - 182. That's a lot of ivy.

If you're a fan of chestnuts, then you'll be pleased to know that "Chestnut" appears on 4,514 houses across the UK. The suburbs with the most "Chestnuts" are in Bristol. Of course. (No, I have no idea why.)

What made the winning suburb, Bow, so special? It has 47 Christmas themed streets names and 212 houses with Christmas-y names.

Meanwhile in Scotland and Wales, King and Mary reign supreme in street names! Royal Mail's research found 86 Mary Streets in Scotland and 89 Mary Streets in Wales. Royal Mail says that these streets are named after Mary, the mother of Jesus.

No streets are named after Mary of "Mary Christmas".

Well, that last "Dad joke" is probably the cue to wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

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