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Swiss Post release emoji stamps


Swiss Post release emoji stamps

Ian Kerr

Swiss Post has released new stamps featuring emojis. And one of the new stamps has - seriously - a poo on it.

Top right hand corner, you can't miss it.

Top right hand corner, you can't miss it.

Ok, so it's a poo with a smiley face on it, which makes it ok. But I can't escape the feeling that someone at Swiss Post has just won a huge bet!

At least it wasn't an eggplant, right?

According to Swiss Post, this stamp issue is all about "building further bridges between the physical and digital worlds".

Less stercoraceous is the "selfie" stamp. The stamps are coated with a silver film so the viewer can see his/her reflection. The sheet of stamps with 20 selfie stamps is presented in the shape of a tablet.

The selfie stamp is a result of  a collaborative project with students from Zurich University of the Arts entitled “Letter vs. e-mail”. Amongst the numerous design ideas, the selfie stamp by Nicole Jara Nizcardo ultimately came out on top.