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Sweet, Canada!


Sweet, Canada!

Ian Kerr

Now Canada, we need to talk.

These desserts of yours… they need to be delivered to my house. Immediately. In bulk.

Canada Post has released five stamps depicting traditional made-in-Canada desserts, with each stamp celebrating a regional dish and ramming home the point that none of them are in my fridge awaiting demolition.

There’s tarte au sucre (sugar pie), which - wait for it - can be found in Quebec pâtisseries.

The butter tart is an Ontario thing, and is the subject of baking contests throughout the province. If I had my way, it would be subject to eating contests. But I digress.

Saskatoon berry pie is filled with the regional berries that were a staple for Indigenous people and early settlers. (Probably better than a muskrat pie for dessert, let’s be frank.)

The creamy custard-filled refrigerated bar that resembles the nameless dessert you get served on long-distance flights is a Nanaimo bar, hailing from the city of Nanaimo. (I checked - the city wasn’t named after the bar.)

Then there’s the blueberry grunt, combining dumplings and blueberries. I’ll have a dozen, thank you. Apparently the “grunt” in the name comes from the sound the berries make as they simmer around the dough.

What, no scratch-and-sniff?

Sadly, Canada Post didn’t follow in the USPS’s footsteps and produce scratch-and-sniff stamps. In 2018, the USPS released its Frozen Treats stamps, the first-ever scratch-and-sniff stamps.

Sure, nobody remembers the second-ever scratch-and-sniff stamps, but being Canadian, they’d surely be nicer

The USPS Frozen Treats stamps

The USPS Frozen Treats stamps

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