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Posti graffiti


Posti graffiti

Ian Kerr

Finnish postal operator Posti has splashed graffiti across its freight terminal in Viinikkala.

Well, graffiti somehow implies an unauthorised artwork created furtively - this is without doubt a commissioned artwork. The mural, by graffiti artist EGS, is called Liekki (flame), and depicts an orange flame.

“For me, a flame represents passion and enthusiasm. Whatever I do, my flame is burning at full brightness,” says EGS.

This would come in handy, since the freight terminal operates around the clock, six days per week. Posti has invested over EUR 30 million in the terminal with the objective of achieving growth and cost-efficiency in its logistics services. 

“Some 300 articulated vehicles visit the terminal every day, and we handle around 5,700 pallets of freight shipments on a daily basis." - freight terminal manager Jari Aho

The artwork is located at the main entrance, and certainly does make Posti's facility stand out compared to run-of-the-mill dull delivery centres.

Graffiti on stamps 

In September, Posti will publish stamps featuring EGS’s work, which could be the world’s first stamps including real graffiti. 

Detail of the artwork

Detail of the artwork

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