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Omniva to service parcel lockers multiple times a day


Omniva to service parcel lockers multiple times a day

Ian Kerr

Omniva will soon start servicing parcel locker installations several times a day.

From 1 August, parcels will be delivered (and uncollected parcels taken away) from most parcel lockers more frequently. The most popular machines in Tallinn will also get an extra third serving round to provide even faster parcel service.

“With the new service logic, we will be able to issue about 20% more parcels via the parcel lockers in 24 hours,” - Omniva Parcel Machine Network Manager Evert Rööpson

Omniva’s parcel volumes have grown consistently over recent years. Parcel lockers have played an important part in dealing with the rising volumes - a significant portion of Omniva’s parcel deliveries go to its 250 parcel lockers across Estonia. It also operates a network of over 500 lockers in the Baltic states.

In addition to investments in last mile locker technology, Omniva has constructed a new logistics centre. Hear my interview with Omniva COO Martin Luts about the new sorting centre and the parcel locker network:

To allow for multiple fillings of parcel lockers, customers must collect their parcels quickly. There is no economy of scale in delivering only one or two parcels to a bank of lockers.

“This makes sense for Omniva’s customers who are less likely to experience an ‘APT full’ message… and will potentially have parcels delivered faster if an earlier collection allows their parcel to catch a cut-off time. Other parcel locker companies such as InPost also have multiple waves of APT visits, for the same reason.” - Marek Różycki, Managing Partner, Last Mile Experts

From August, the Omniva website will display only the times when the parcel machines are emptied. “We will start monitoring the level of use of each parcel machine and if we notice that any parcel machine is extra popular, then we will empty and fill it even several times a day,” Rööpson said.

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