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Even more parcel locker art


Even more parcel locker art

Ian Kerr

The (web) statistics don’t lie: people love the parcel locker/art collaborations from Lietuvos Paštas (Lithuanian Post).

The latest installation is in Kaunas, and features the art of Artur Šhirin. Located at the PLC Mega shopping centre, the theme is the choice between excessive and sustainable consumption, between technology and nature, and between a cage and freedom.

“As a person becomes more integrated into the digital world, he or she is distancing himself from the real - as if he himself were locked in a cage of pleasant information and convenience,” says the artist, who went on to compare those who live in the digital world to animals on display at the zoo. As an aside, he has also designed some beautiful buses. But that’s another story.

Animals on one side of the terminal are depicted in urban and technological environments - among mobile phones, branded items and other gadgets. On the other side we see animals in their natural tech-free environment.

The artful lockers have a continuing theme of sustainability, and Lietuvos Paštas is emphasising the environmental benefits of delivery to parcel lockers compared to residential delivery.

“Parcel lockers offer great customer experience and can save on emissions thanks to multiple deliveries to one destination, virtually guaranteed first-time delivery, and reduced mileage by delivery drivers. These lockers are eye-catching and should help promote the service.” - Marek Różycki, Managing Partner, Last Mile Experts

And yes, there’s still one more locker installation yet to be revealed…

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