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Great Aussie Coin Hunt


Great Aussie Coin Hunt

Ian Kerr

One of the questions troubling postal operators is how to drive more customers to the post office network.

Australia Post has launched the Great Aussie Coin Hunt – a partnership with the Royal Australian Mint. Specially minted collectible coins will be distributed via participating post offices, but only when customers make a purchase.

When customers buy something at the post office, they will receive the $1 collectable coins in their change.

The themed coins in the Great Aussie Coin Hunt reflect Australian icons… and of course, A for Australia Post. What else would it possibly be?

The first six coins to be released include: A for Australia Post, F for footy (the second-most Australian word there is, and the most printable Australian word), I for Iced VoVo (an excellent choice), M for meat pie (P had better be for “pastie”!), S for Surf Life Saving (not “submarines and Harold Holt”), and X for the tiny township of Xantippe.

New coins will be released each Monday until 21 October 2019 to complete the full set of 26, all the way up to Z for Zooper Dooper.

Click here for more information about The Great Aussie Coin Hunt.

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