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Deutsche Post StreetScooter powering milk delivery


Deutsche Post StreetScooter powering milk delivery

Ian Kerr

Deutsche Post is cementing its role as an electric car producer, with UK home delivery business Milk & More placing an initial order for 200 StreetScooters.

Milk delivery normally takes place at night or in the early hours of the morning, so by using electric vehicles delivery should be quieter and more environmentally friendly. British milkmen have delivered using electric vehicles since 1930. 

According to Milk & More, growing numbers of UK customers are prepared to pay a premium for regionally sourced products that are packaged in an eco-friendly way. Environmentally friendly delivery fits in with those ideals. (As long as the power isn't from coal-fired power stations, of course!)

Milk & More's new StreetScooters have a usable box volume of 8 cubic metres. The load compartment is refrigerated.

The vehicles will be left-hand drive. This is to assist drivers when it comes to hopping in and out of the van, remembering that the milkman (milk person?) doesn't just deliver - he also collects empty used milk bottles. The bottles are cleaned and re-used on average 25 times. 

Milk & More uses a network of 57 local delivery centres and a fleet of 1,600 vehicles, about 25% of which are electric milk trucks.

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