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Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without... more trucks carrying trees!


Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without... more trucks carrying trees!

Ian Kerr

The media team at Daimler know how to get my attention. This time, it was this headline:

Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without the Unimog

Certainly, that's what we used to say when I was a kid. Our plastic Christmas tree would be sitting in the corner, the dining table sagging under the weight of a huge Christmas feast, with numerous relatives gathered around.

But something would be missing, and we couldn't quite say what it was that was absent. Eventually one of my cousins, tears running down his face, would say, "Where's the Unimog?"

And then it would hit us: we didn't have a Unimog. No Unimog, no Christmas. We'd trudge outside to play backyard cricket, but our hearts weren't really in it. We had no Unimog.

Meanwhile in Germany, a local forestry company is loading Christmas trees by the dozen into the back of their trusty Unimogs, to make sure that the people of Bavaria don't have to endure Unimog-less Christmases like we used to have.

Loading pallets of Christmas trees.

Loading pallets of Christmas trees.

They deliver freshly-felled Nordmann firs across Southern Bavaria, loading their trucks with up to 400 trees at a time.

These trees are slightly smaller than the whopper delivered to Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor - they're about 1.5 to 2.6 metres long. And no fancy baubles accompany the shipments, either.

Firs being flung.

Firs being flung.

In the spirit of Christmas - or is it Scrooge? - the business owner reveals that the trucks are registered as agricultural tractor units, meaning they don't have to pay the autobahn tolls.

Well Daimler, that's two articles in a month about your trucks delivering Christmas trees. I await my free fir.