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Brexit: the post office opportunity


Brexit: the post office opportunity

Ian Kerr

No creature on this earth seems to know what is really happening with Brexit. But The Post Office in the UK isn’t hanging around waiting for a deal to be struck - it has seized the day and announced that now around 2,500 post offices can provide International Driving Permits to UK travellers intending to drive abroad.

Currently, UK drivers don’t need International Driving Permits when driving within the EU. This could change depending on how Brexit negotiations go. So if UK drivers are left in the lurch, the Post Office will be able to sail to the rescue.

UK Roads Minister Jesse Norman said: “The Government’s priority remains to secure an agreement with the EU that means UK driving licences continue to be recognised.

“But the wide availability of IDPs now through Post Offices should give reassurance to UK motorists that they can continue to drive in the EU, whatever the outcome of Brexit.”

Brexit aside, the Post Office has a strong travel offering.

Martin Edwards, Managing Director of Identity Services at the Post Office, said: “Millions of travellers already visit our branches each year to access our range of travel services, including travel money, travel insurance and digital passport applications.”

There are three versions of International Driving Permits, each supported by a different convention, which cover over 100 countries around the world, with the documents costing £5.50 each.

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