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Royals? Nah, silos!


Royals? Nah, silos!

Ian Kerr

While postal operators are boring us (and probably cashing in!) with royal wedding stamps, Australia Post has released a set of four stamps featuring - wait for it - silos!

Why silos?

While two silos may never tie the knot at Windsor before adoring crowds (typical institutional anti-silo bias!) four silos have made it onto stamps.

Silo art started out as community project in the town of Brim (Victoria) in late 2015. Artist Guido van Helten painted a 30-metre-tall artwork on disused silos.

The artwork depicts three men and one woman, wearing hats to shield their faces from the midday sun, and was completed over a three week period. The success of the mural as a tourist attraction encouraged the Yarriambiack Shire to commission five additional GrainCorp silo murals, now known as the Wimmera-Mallee Silo Art Trail.

Who wants more illustrated silos?

The three other stamps feature other spectacular murals, found in Queensland, Western Australia, and New South Wales. Check out all the stamps below, and consider how much more interesting they are than some of the bland royal wedding stamps issued recently.

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