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The fast get faster


The fast get faster

Ian Kerr

Australia Post has just launched its new “On Demand Saturday Interstate” in partnership with e-commerce fashion retailer Showpo.

Customers can place orders up until 8:30pm on a Friday for Saturday afternoon delivery to Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. Orders are fulfilled from Showpo’s facilities in Sydney.

Shoppers in Sydney can order up until 11:30am on Saturday for same-day delivery.

Australia Post has offered Saturday delivery of Express Post items for a few years. Prior to that, Express Post items were delivered the next business day, Monday to Friday. (Australia Post delivers letters Monday to Friday.)

This is a sign that e-commerce is becoming increasingly competitive in Australia, fuelled in part by the arrival of You Know Who. While Australia lacks the population and the population density of parts of Western Europe or the USA, there’s a growing expectation that e-commerce retailers will offer the same services (including delivery options) as their international counterparts.

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