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Great sporting stadiums of Australia (but not Tasmania)


Great sporting stadiums of Australia (but not Tasmania)

Ian Kerr

Australia has the world’s best sporting stadiums. For the rest of you, I’m sure you have some stadiums that are very, very nice. But they’re not as good as our stadiums.

Don’t feel sad. Instead, buy these new stamps from Australia Post celebrating some of Australia’s most recognisable non-Tasmanian sporting venues.

That’s right. Non-Tasmanian. Because it wouldn’t be fair on the rest of Australia to include the NTCA Ground. Or Bellerive. Or York Park.

Let’s start with AAMI Park, which is called Melbourne’s Rectangular Stadium when hosting matches that don’t allow stadiums to have sponsored names.

Completed in May 2010, it replaced Olympic Park, which was great for athletics but not so great for anything else. The 30,050-seat stadium is defined by its lumpy roof, which doesn’t leak as much as it used to. And seats are delightfully close to the action.

Optus Stadium was opened in Perth in January 2018, and seats 60,000. It’s usually full, because there’s not much else to do in Perth.

The Sydney Cricket Ground hosted its first game of cricket in 1854, and has been home to major cricket matches since 1876. It has a capacity of 48,000, which is rarely tested.

The Melbourne Cricket Ground sometimes hosts cricket matches. Mostly it’s a venue for Australian rules football. Its capacity exceeds 100,000. For some unknown reason (perhaps excessive licensing costs), a terrible photo of the MCG was chosen for this stamp.

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