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A night in the life of a self-driving car


A night in the life of a self-driving car

Ian Kerr

When you're tucking your kids into bed at night, do they ask you about self-driving cars? No? Well, rest assured that if it does happen then there's a children's book available to help you.

"Where Do Cars Go At Night?" is a new book for kids published by moovel lab, part of Daimler.

The illustrated book tells the story of a self-driving car named Carla-15. During the day, Carla-15 ferries human beings here and there, but at night, Carla-15 and her friends go to massive car-only rave parties.

Just kidding. In fact - and perhaps I should add a "spoiler alert" here - at night they do shopping, sweep the streets, and water plants in the park. Sounds like community service for offending self-driving cars!

Anyway, the creators say these examples of what a self-driving car can do illustrate how, through fleet management and advanced sensor technology, self-driving cars can be used in new fields and relieve the burden on cities. Seems like a lot to pack in to a kid's book! 

Ok, so "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" it ain't. It's a fun idea and, who knows, perhaps it will stimulate some young minds to go on to invent wonderful things in the future.

One big positive about the book - it predicts that there will still be post offices in the future!

The book will premiere at the Frankfurt Book Fair, 19 - 23 October.

Click here to read the whole book online.

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